How to stabilize the display effect of outdoor led display

Nowadays, not only creative LED display is the new facade of this era, outdoor LED display is also the darling of outdoor advertising in the new era. This credit can still be attributed to the rapid development of outdoor advertising. Now outdoor screens are not simply used on highways and urban roads as before. It is also more widely popularized to outdoor media and outdoor stage rental, which is developing rapidly at a rate of more than 30% per year.

With the vivid and real visual experience of outdoor screens, outdoor LED large screens have become an indispensable part of outdoor advertising. In the bustling big cities, outdoor LED large screens can be seen everywhere. The performance and quality of outdoor LED electronic displays are much higher than other conventional LED displays. At the same time, how do we ensure the stability and display effect of outdoor LED displays? szjyled intelligently suggests that users can consider the following points.

1. Energy saving, emission reduction and low energy consumption

Energy saving, emission reduction and low energy consumption are always recommended by the world whenever and wherever, because there is nothing more important than protecting the quality of our earth’s environment. Outdoor LED displays must respond to the call of the country and the world, and regard energy conservation and emission reduction as an important standard at the core of the technology in manufacturing technology, including not only the power consumption of the product, but also the scattering performance of the product and the installation environment of the product installation. .

2. High-definition display effect of LED screen

Regardless of any technology, the high-definition display effect of the LED display must not be lacking, which is the minimum requirement for businesses and users. As an important carrier of outdoor media advertising, outdoor LED display advertising screens must have high-definition display effects. This includes high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and more! For example, the outdoor screen can be clearly displayed under direct sunlight, without glare and blurred display.

3. Wide viewing angle area

Because the outdoor LED advertising display is installed outdoors, the viewing angle of the user must be wide, so that the pedestrians can be clearly seen and the audience area must be large. Outdoor screens are mainly used for advertising and image promotion. therefore! Getting more audiences to see what we want to promote is the most important goal.

4. Protection level

As we all know, the least important part of outdoor LED display is the severe test of wind and rain, sun and rain, which is an important standard for users to test manufacturers, and it is also the key. For the protection level of outdoor advertising screens, szjyled recommends at least IP65, because in this way, it can adapt to all kinds of bad weather, ensure that the outdoor screen can be used for a long time, and ensure the maximum profit of customers.

Not to mention the many requirements of its similar after-sales service, SZJYLED believes that a good outdoor LED display must meet the above requirements. LED display companies should better satisfy users and ensure the maximum benefits of customers. It not only requires a professional R&D team, standardized production management, high-quality products and a perfect sales and service team, but also advocates green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly production concepts. pursued.

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